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where are you going to go只有一层意思,是询问“你打算(将来)去哪儿?” 当这两个句子都表示“(将来)要去哪儿?”这个意思的时候,where are you going强调的是安排好的将要发生的动作,where are you going to go强调的是一个打算,具有目的和计划性的

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六年级英语Lesson 2:What are you going to do tomorrow教案(科普版)_其它课程_小学教育_教育专区。Lesson 2:What are you going to do tomorrow?教案 语言目标: 1. 学习一般将来时态的句型,理解其含义,掌握其用法。

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2008-06-14 How are you going到底什么意思 186 2011-03-07 How are you是什么意思? 1079 2013-09-04 HOW IS GOING的意思 37 2016-11-08 How are you going怎么回答 1 2015-04-21 How are you going到底什么意思 5 2018-10-28 How are you going对还是How

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PEP小学英语六年级上册 Unit 3 What Are You Going to Do ? Part B Let’s talk 吉安县城关一小 罗淑梅 学习目标 : 1、我会听、说、认读what ,where ,when引导的特 殊 疑问句并能做出相应回答。

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M1U1 一 Teaching aims Where are you going? 1 听说认读单词:when、nervous、all right、airport、ticket、 passport、safe 2 掌握句子:以 where 、what、when、who 开头的四个特殊 疑问句 二教学用具:picture、list 三 Teaching procedures (Ⅰ)Warm up ...

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事情 +going,表示事情进行如何 How are your family doing?你的家人怎么样,家人要用复数are How is your husband doing?你先生怎么样?How is your study going?学习进展怎么样 How is your work going?工作顺利吗?所以How are you going意为“准备怎么去”。

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where are you going_英语_初中教育_教育专区 654人阅读|61次下载 where are you going_英语_初中教育_教育专区。Module10 Unit1Where are you going? 南滩镇中心小学校 张茂 Sing and dance I want to travel again.

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be going to 1、Reading between the lines, it seems neither Cole nor Ledley King will be going to Japan. 言外之意,科尔和莱德利·金两个人似乎都不会去日本了。2、If you happen to be going to the post office, please get me some commemorative stamps. 你上

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How are you going的用法 1、How are you going to help him? 你能用什么办法来帮助他呢?2、How are you going to plan for the future? 你未来将作何打算?3、How are you going to top that? 你怎样超过那个?4、How are you going to account for this? 这个问题

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陕旅版 四年级下册 Unit5 Where Are You Going? 第二课时 >>Review Magic fingers >>Lead-in Think and tick What do you want to go? >>Presentation Ask and answer Q 1:Is Li Shan going home?


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